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Marton-cum-Grafton Primary School

Proud to be part of the Elevate Multi Academy Trust



  • To inspire and challenge our children, through a safe and happy learning environment, to achieve excellent standards in computing including all aspects of the National Curriculum objectives for computing and e-safety.
  • To engage our children through relevant and purposeful learning, so that they are equipped with skills and knowledge of how to use technology responsibly and safely
  • To inspire a passion for learning in our children and build confidence to create programs, systems and a range of content.
  • For pupils to be equipped with knowledge and understanding of the principles of information and computation, how digital systems work and how to put this knowledge to use through programming
  • To ensure that our children, regardless of background or circumstance, have equal opportunities to use a range of current technological devices and are clear on how to keep themselves safe online.
  • To support our children, through nurturing relationships, so they feel safe and comfortable to seek help and advice when it is needed.
  • To enable our children to articulate their learning confidently and to remember
  • To equip children with the foundational skills, knowledge and understanding of computing they will need for the rest of their lives inspiring further learning in computing and e-safety in secondary school and beyond.

Teaching of Computing within Elevate Multi Academy Trust is based on the aims and purposes outlined in the National Curriculum. It has high fidelity with the academic discipline of computing learning. 


Our curriculum is guided by the following academic fingerprint which is derived from the National Curriculum Purpose and Aims:

Children will:

  • Learn through logic and creativity.
  • Gain a solid understanding of programming, which is the foundation of this curriculum. Children will develop their understanding of the construction of computer programs.
  • Collate, manipulate and present data.
  • Experience the curriculum through a range of devices and software. They will create digital artefacts that achieve specific purposes.
  • Understand how to keep themselves and others safe online.

We have carefully designed a knowledge rich curriculum, underpinned by a progression of skills. The knowledge and skills build incrementally and at age-appropriate levels so to ensure that by the end of Key Stage 2 children know, understand and apply the subject content specified in the Programme of Study for computing. 


The computing curriculum has been split into three strands:

  • Computer Science - The knowledge of computers and computation including system architecture, algorithms and programming.
  • Information Technology - How computers are used in different sectors and the methods used to create digital artefacts such as presentations, spreadsheets and videos.
  • Digital Literacy - The skills and knowledge required to be an effective, safe and discerning user of a range of computer systems.



  • Pupils will have a deep understanding of the importance of staying safe online and know what to do if they have any concerns.
  • Pupils can access and follow an ambitious curriculum that has our vision for exceptionally high expectations as a driver.


Elevate Computing Progression Map


Online Safety Progression in the Scheme of Work.pdf