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Marton-cum-Grafton Primary School

Proud to be part of the Elevate Multi Academy Trust



Teaching of science within Elevate Multi-Academy Trust is based on the aims and purposes outlined in the National Curriculum and has fidelity to the academic discipline of science across biology, physics and chemistry.


Our curriculum is guided by the following academic fingerprint, which is derived from the National Curriculum purpose and aims.  Children will:


  • Gain an understanding of key scientific principles within biology, chemistry and physics.
  • Use scientific enquiry to establish scientific knowledge through purposeful, practical opportunities.


Our curriculum also recognises the importance of the Working Scientific (disciplinary knowledge) aspect of the curriculum being split into 2 components:

  • Working scientifically skills – as set out in the National Curriculum for each Key Stage.
  • 5 types of enquiry
  • Observation over time
  • Comparative and fair testing
  • Identifying, classifying and grouping
  • Pattern seeking
  • Research from secondary sources


Where possible, planning will ensure that explicit links are made to the working scientifically skills and 5 types of enquiry as children are encouraged to investigate and answer scientific questions.  In taking this approach we will ensure that, as an academy, we are treating children’s substantive and disciplinary knowledge with equal importance and are developing them progressively alongside each other across the primary curriculum.


We have carefully designed a knowledge rich curriculum, underpinned by a progression of skills. The knowledge and skills build incrementally so that by the end of Key Stage 2 children know, understand and apply the subject content specified in the National Curriculum Programme of study for science. The scientific units set out in the National Curriculum have been grouped into biology, physics and chemistry for each year group.


Elevate Science Progression Map